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The Government's 2012 Doomsday Underground Bunkers


Is the Government Building 2012 Doomsday Underground Bunkers?

This video is about the 2012 doomsday underground bunkers the U.S. government is allegedly building in preparation for man-made and natural disasters.

According to a government spokesperson, for the past ten years the United State government has been on a frantic shelter building and underground bunker mission. Who are these doomsday bunkers for? Supposedly for the government elite, the government power brokers and their wealthy supporters.

Jesse Ventura and the 2012 Doomsday Underground Bunkers Conspiracy

The person spearheading the investigation into this vast array of 2012 doomsday underground bunkers is Jesse Ventura, the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. Based on his investigation, Ventura asserts that secret 2012 doomsday underground bunkers are being constructed by the U.S. government.

According to one source, the largest government sponsored underground bunker complex is 300,000 square feet located in the Midwest and designed specifically for the predicted destruction scenarios for 2012 and for the economic collapse of the U.S. government.

The possible location for this massive underground complex is rumored by conspiracy theorists to be under the Denver Airport. Supposedly, this huge underground bunker is 14 stories under ground and is referred to as the "2012 Conspiracy."

Signs That Validate the 2012 Doomsday Underground Bunkers

There are a number of "signs" that point to something catastrophic happening in 2012 and that validate the 2012 doomsday underground bunkers. For instance, at the Denver Airport, there is a mural that depicts the "destruction of the world." This is in concert with an ancient Mayan calendar that points to the end of the world happening on December 21 2012.

Other "evidence"  that legitimizes the 2012 doomsday underground bunkers includes the radical natural disasters the world has recently experienced, the increasing threat of terrorists using weapons of mass destruction, and the potential economic collapse of the world economies.

According to Mr. Ventura's research, the government is preparing for the worst-case apocalypse scenario by building numerous 2012 doomsday underground bunkers for the government and for the wealthy elite.

The Military's Underground Command Center at Cheyenne Mountain

An important aspect of Mr. Ventura's investigation was Cheyenne Mountain, home of the military's fortified command center and underground survival bunker system.  This complex is no secret.

What some conspiracy theorists believe, however, is that a 120-mile underground rail system connects the Cheyenne Mountain complex with the 2012 doomsday underground bunkers that lie under the Denver Airport.

Based on this information Mr. Ventura's conspiracy team focused on two specific fronts: the Cheyenne Mountain complex and the Denver Airport, where the largest underground bunker built by the U.S. government supposedly exists.

While Mr. Ventura tried to uncover additional information about the alleged 2012 doomsday underground bunkers under the Denver Airport, his conspiracy associate was taken on a tour of the Cheyenne Mountain underground military complex.

Cheyenne Mountain is reported to be the most secure facility in the world, an underground fortress where top government officials hope to "hide" in case any doomsday scenario manifests itself.

It was learned that there are 15 buildings in the Cheyenne Mountain underground complex and 12 of these buildings are three stories tall. The Cheyenne Mountain complex is built about a third of a mile into solid rock known as Pikes Peak granite.

This military complex is highly guarded by military personnel with machine guns who will do "whatever it takes" to protect this underground system.  The opening to this complex will be huge, extremely well-fortified, three-foot thick blast doors that will be closed as soon as a major threat is detected.

Additional Signs at the Denver Airport Regarding 2012 Doomsday Underground Bunkers

While Mr. Ventura was at the Denver Airport, he noticed a lot of heavy construction and excavation still taking place (for the government's predicted 2012 apocalypse?) and hundreds of feet of concrete "tubes" that apparently can be used to build an underground tunnel system for the alleged 2012 doomsday underground bunkers.

When Mr. Ventura is confronted by the police, they dismiss the notion of a conspiracy theory about underground bunkers but they admit that a tunnel system exists under the Denver Airport. For example, a train that transports people around the airport is located entirely underground.

Perhaps the most cryptic part of Mr. Ventura's conspiracy investigation are the "signs" that he thinks function as a way to enter the doomsday bunker, if a person can read the "invitation."

Mr. Ventura concluded that if a person is perception enough to see what is happening, he or she may be able to access the underground bunker network--if he or she is among the government elite or those who support the elite. Is this a way of saying that the government only wants people to survive the 2012 apocalypse if they possess certain kinds of "perceptive skills"?

Button Up Kits at Cheyenne Mountain

Back at Cheyenne Mountain, Mr. Ventura's conspiracy associate has learned that at the deepest part of the underground complex the military keeps its "button up kits," namely sleeping areas and huge storage areas for disaster supplies such as military ready to eat meals, water, and other survival gear and equipment needed when a major threat to the complex is detected. And when this happens, the heavily reinforced blast doors will be closed.

When a legitimate threat to the underground complex takes place, the plan is to have enough crews and personnel in the underground bunker system to maintain the "survival" mission for an extended period of time. Indeed, according to Robert Wynn, the Cheyenne Mountain Deputy Commander, the Cheyenne Mountain underground bunker network can support more than 1,000 people.

Why the Government Doesn't Openly Discuss the 2012 Doomsday Underground Bunkers

When asked why the government can't be up front and open about the existence of the 2012 doomsday underground bunkers, Mr. Ventura was informed that doing this would lead to a serious security problem in which millions of people would be trying to gain access to these survival bunkers. Simply put, there's just not enough room for the masses in these underground bunkers.

What is keeping government officials and military personnel with access to the underground bunker complex quiet about the details of these bunkers? Simply this: they maintain their silence in order to protect their "seats" in the underground network.

A Disaster Preparedness Plan Taken to the Extreme

The Cheyenne Mountain complex, on the other hand is rather well-known, especially in the Denver area. If a doomsday scenario were to take place, the military guards at Cheyenne Mountain, as noted above, will do "whatever it takes" to protect the underground military complex. This is clearly an emergency preparedness plan taken to an extreme.

To watch the video described in this article, clease click here:  The Government's 2012 Doomsday Underground Bunkers

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